Experience Design

Bed & Breakfast

Concept of Experience Design

Experience Design is the precursor of a new concept of hospitality related to experiential design, where you can interact with brands throughout design accomodation experience.

The traditional concept of bed&breakfast turns into a bed and show philosophy, in order to discover design in a new context.

Some brands have set up this space with their furniture, to make guests experience comfort, uniqueness and functionality of their products.

Bed & show combines the need to offer to a selected target of architects, designers, designer lovers a location that is not just for “design accomodation” (bed), but is also for the exhibition of design furniture and items (showroom).

Through Experience Design you can get in touch with furniture in a custom location, you will try and deepen more details about it, spending your time in an intimate and refined atmosphere.


Throughout the year, our partners will change the composition of the rooms with their latest creations, that you will able to experience like in a small design hotel. Moreover, compared to a conventional Design Hotel, the bed&breakfast solution, thanks to it dynamism in satisfing guests needs, becomes an “unconventional place”  where to live an unique experience.


Tailor made Bed and Breakfast

Hospitality location adapts to new needs and becomes a space to personalize. For example you can choose: a special pillow, mattress, furniture and scented essence in your bedroom. Furthermore, in order to create a customized experience, you can also book exclusive services or participate to special events. In this way, every stay will be unique and unforgettable. Through the experience section you can start customizing your stay and book it.

Location for events

Experience Design is also a location for events related to design. In the news section you will find a list of updated events scheduled every month. During your stay at the Experience Design bed&show it may happen to meet architects and designers exchanging ideas on issues related to their work, or to find design companies presenting some new furniture in this exclusive setting. If you want, you can also register for scheduled events. The location is an unique space to meet professionals and even build up new relationships.

Boutique hotel

Experience Design also works as a boutique hotel. In every room you will find the description of the furniture and items inside, and if you are interested you can buy them. For any further information or furniture price estimate you can ask the staff present.